Thursday, July 12, 2018

My Garden...

My little garden is coming along nicely.
I love Cottage gardens- so I try to emulate
that in my yard. 
These are a few of my 
 favorite things this summer.
These  Zinna's were a surprise.
I have never seen them before
but I planted them from seed.
That's not how they looked on the 
seed packet but I sure like them.

My milk weed has turned into a big bush and
I have been busy finding Monarch eggs and
keeping them safe as they become 
butterflies and releasing them.

This is a cement pipe someone gave me.
I filled it with dirt and flowers for
an unusual container.

Flowers are blooming beautifully!

The gate to my butterfly garden...
I love the sticks we added
to the gate.  Definitely not the
norm in a subdivision but I like it!

I strung up these little pots of flowers on
the arbor with just some
twine I had laying around. 
Aren't they cute?

You can't even see the containers
in the garden that I showed you in Spring

Our goldfish pond is still 
thriving with lucky feeder fish.
They got to grow up to be big!

Those floating guards in the water
seem to keep the Herons from
eating our fish.

I did a little spruce up on the greenhouse.

 I made a little sign to hang above the door.

I gave my shelf a new coat
of paint.

The mirrors were falling out
of this succulent holder .
So I repaired it, gave it a coat
of paint and glued on some
new moss.

I made a little boxwood wreath for 
the door.

These old planters
got a new coat of
spray paint.
Don't be afraid to paint
planters that you find
cheap.  If they don't
match your color scheme.

Spray paint can fix that easily.
That is what I did with the planters 

Cooking herbs grow around my greenhouse.
I have more pics but I will save them for another
post.  I will end this post with
my favorite pictures of my 
It just looks so cute with the 
lights on. I treated myself
one year with this greenhouse when I got
a bonus at work.  I always wanted one
and it is still one of my
favorite things I ever
Hope you are having a wonderful

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