Sunday, June 24, 2012

This is how we do it...

Every night I lay on the floor in the bunny room and watch something on TV and these are my cuddle buddies. This is our quality time.  Taz is the one on my left side

Don't they look sweet??
 As long as I'm there to chaperon her
Gwennie is pretty good and hasn't bit Bennie.
She ignors him and he isn't
overly pushy like Giddy was.
Gwen is a cuddle girl with me but she doesn't like other buns.  Not sure what happened to her as she a rescue.  She's come such a long way.  She never had a home and was at the rescue for 4 yrs. when I adopted her.  She was found outside and was pregnant.  She is good girl, doesn't get into anything and is out all day in my art room while I'm at work.  She has her little quirks, and I have learned she hates this one bowl.  If I feed her with that one she will throw it around, spilling food all over her cage, so I don't use that bowl for Gwen! LOL


  1. What a fantastic cuddle bunch!

  2. My kinda snuggle puddle!
    Too funny about Gwenie not liking that bowl. Such a diva.
    Marie showed me the painting today...OMG!! You are so incredible. She is thrilled!