Sunday, June 10, 2012

Happy Birthday Benny!

Little Benny is 1 today!   So he's all big and grown up now! (sniff sniff)  No more baby bun.

He's a sweet giant boy about 20 lbs.
  Loves his yummies.  He gets so
excited while I get their breakfast  or dinner meal ready he runs around the small room in circles.  He likes his head
petted.  A more reserved personality than my
last flemish giant, but not a mean or angry
bone in his body!

He's can be shy.  He has his little routine and
likes to stick to it.  He shows his happiness with
happy hops which I find adorable with his big size. 
 He doesn't like to go outside like Giddy
 did, which is kind of nice in a way.
  I  have no worries about him
 getting lost or munching down my plants.

He is the best boy.  He was the easiest rabbit I ever potty trained.  He took to it immediately and never had a accident.  He's not a chewer or digger.  So he has the run of the house all day.  At night my buns go in their houses.

So Happy Birthday Big Benny!

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