Sunday, August 19, 2012

Murphy update...

New vet said Murphy's blood work numbers came back wonderful, but by her behavior there is something not right. So another top avian vet is going to an avian conference and is going to seek consultation on Murphy at the conference(can't get any better than that eh?) so she said keep giving the antibiotic and then she will advise plan of action once she gets some consultation.

So after their consultation.  The concensous was that her numbers could be how they were and she still have liver disease.  We are giving her an antibiotic and as of today and antifungal med.  We are trying to see what will work.  Very frustrating and discouraging. 
Although I want to make her better, maybe what will be, will be.   We all have a limited amount of time here.  It bums me out that I can't seem to help her with all my efforts.

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  1. Sending hugs and pixie dust your way that the new meds will help her. It is frustrating indeed. Our time with our critters is always so precious as we never know how long it will be.