Monday, September 3, 2012

More Miss Murphy...

So vet #2 said she has no idea
 what else to do with
Murphy and said there is not
 certified avian vet in Michigan, 
and referred me to one in Ohio. 
He is a 4 hour drive away one way.  
I'm not putting her through an 
8 hr drive in one day.  She was stressed
after the 3 hr drive to Ann Arbor and back.
Plus I think she couldn't take it physically.  
She tires easily.

So the vet in Ohio was kind enough to say he'd look at all her records and tests.  I rushed and mailed them out Friday , and that will be vet #3's opinion and then I may see another vet that was recommended locally.   Why do I keep running to vets you may ask?? Well by looking at these photos you can see how well she looks physically.   These were taken this weekend. Nice feathers, weight and coloring....but she acts sick and very unlike herself.  I had a Blue fronted amazon before her that died from liver problems.  Gidgy looked nothing like Murphy.  She couldn't even produce feathers and looked horrible. I have hope that Murphy can pull through if just given the correct meds that work for her.
If not I will know I truly did the best I could...

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