Sunday, October 14, 2012

Wow can't believe it been so long since I posted...
don't know where time went but hectic day to day stuff
 sometimes just consumes you.

I had always been meaning to make planter boxes
for bunny greens at the bottom of my green house. 
I don't have any luck planting them in my fenced
 in garden the babies are so tiny they squeeze
 in the fence and eat it all before it even grows.

So I had a thought.   One person trashed these drawers.
I lined them with Styrofoam insulation to keep the soil warm.
My thought was to keep soil from freezing in Michigan winters
 and keep moist soil from rotting the wood on the drawers.
I sealed the seems with caulk and drilled holes in bottom for drainage.
Then painted with green paint I just happened to find
 in the mark down bin.  Notice how it matches
 the green in my green house trim.
How perfect was that find??
And voila... Planter boxes!
They fit under my growing benches, doubling my
growing spaces and barely cost me anything which
I  always love a good deal!

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