Monday, August 5, 2013

Too Many Apples

This was our apple tree  July 17.... you can see it was full of apples.  It was the fullest it's ever been.  Spring 2012 it warmed up to 80+ degrees way too early, for Michigan.  Everything bloomed and then froze. So all the fruit trees didn't bear any fruit.  This year the trees were over producing after, they had a year to rest. We pruned so many branches to help with the weight of the apples, but not enough.

Finally the tree gave and split right in two.
Thankfully just missing my greenhouse.

What a mess and a job to clean up a 30 yr. old apple tree!
It was so sad looking.  That tree shaded half the yard.   I was really upset about it coming down. It made the deck cool and shady.  Notice the umbrella shielding
my shade flowers that no longer had shade until the wheel barrel of flowers could be move.
So we went tree shopping.  We decided on maples since they grow fast
and  I am hoping to see shade before I'm old and feeble.

All planted and my husband extended the bed wider for me than it was...
 which means more planting space. (Smile)
Old plants and new plants shifted around.   I also added a
shade cloth across the beams over the deck.

another view.... I'm not as sad, it will all grow.  A few other garden pics.
Kitchen window box

view off right side of deck

My little moss pot experiment....something different

I like how this pic came out with my St. Francis statue in the background
A new cement bunny statue I got for  $12
He stands about 20" and I washed him brown with
watered down brown acrylic paint.   I didn't like the grey cement look
He watches over the vegetable garden.

Coming on next post.... a new critter was added to the household.... even though  I said no more animals.... it's not a bunny!  





  1. So sad about your apple tree, but the yard and gardens looks so beautiful now. Good to know about the maple tree.
    Can't wait to see your new friend. I'm glad Murphy is doing ok. How is the rest of the crowd?

  2. Hi, I am sorry about your apple tree. I lost my crab apple tree this year. I haven't had it taken down yet. I don't know what I would do without my shade trees. I see people cutting them down leaving their homes without any shade. I love your back yard. The flowers are so pretty and your deck looks inviting. Have a great day. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend.

  3. My parents recently lost their apple tree, too. It didn't split. It had been leaning for years. With all the rain, and the load of apples, it just tipped right over. The deer in the neighborhood feasted for several days. It's sad to lose a tree that you have tended. I hope the maple likes it's new home, and grows well for you.