Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Happy Birthday Benny!

Benny  turns 3 today!  So happy
he's doing well as I lost my last
giant at 2 1/2 from a sudden heart
problem.  So I thought  I'd show a few
pictures of him over the past 3 years.
This is him at approximately 10 weeks old. 
Such a little guy
Ben, before he was neutered as he
was becoming mature and trying
to figure out how to get to Gwenie
Awe.... I miss that little guy

 Seem's no matter what I name my animals,
they end up with nick names.
His are, Benny, Boo Boo or
just Boo!
He truly is a gentle giant.
The only time I've ever seen
him mad and he grunted at me
was when I didn't open the
cage door fast enough
so he could go in and
 eat his fruit treats.
Acting like a real bun digging in the garden... 

Yes he is a portly fellow,
I am trying to get him to drop a few
pounds, but it is easier said than
done.  I think one of the reasons
this 18+ lbs big guy is not a chewer
is that he's obviously not starving
Ha, ha, ha! - no jokes aside we will keep cutting
back and trying to loose some!
Hoping for many more years with this
big sweet squishy bun!

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  1. aaw Happy Birthday Benny! so handsome! hope you get lots and lots of treats :) much love Annette xxx