Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A years progress

Not sure if other people like to do this,
but I like to compare photo's of
how my plants have grown and evolved.
Last July we had a 30+ yr apple tree
completely split in two from the
weight of all the apples.
So I wanted to compare how
well our replacement trees did in a year.
New plantings then....
and now
I'm really happy how everything
came back bigger and better
after such a hard winter.
  I only lost one butterfly bush.
I'd like to introduce you to
our ponds new addition,
 courtesy of Amazon. 
His job is to scare off the real heron's
 that would love to munch on
our lovely goldfish babies that
hatched in the pond last summer.
He did scare Murphy and she
took off flying to get away from
him.  So hopefully he
will keep heron's away.
I'm really happy with how
big my hostas are getting
Most of these ferns and
hostas were dug up
at a military housing area
 that was being torn down.
I would dig up a few little ones
a day and became known to
the Military Police
on base as the
flower lady.   Hee Hee but they
let me do it discretely.
The plant stand under the trees
is a great garage sale find.
I'm in the process of refurbishing my Premo
Garage Sale find of the year....maybe even ever
soon to come in a future post when it's done. 
I so love a deal!
Thanks for stopping by and seeing
how things have grown!
Happy Summer To You!

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