Tuesday, June 3, 2014

How will my garden grow...

I took a week off work to do things that I enjoy, that I never seem to have time for with the everyday grind.
For most of my life I lived in an apartment. My Dad was in the military so we traveled and moved a lot. I lived the majority of my childhood in Germany in government quarters.  The plus side is our family got to travel all over Europe.  Later I moved out to an apartment, then condo.  So I never had my own yard until now.  My quest is to grow everything I ever wanted to grow and make it look pretty...
So there's not a square to spare! LOL
So that may explain why I enjoy this so much.
Here of pictures of what I did this week.
I planted 10 flats of flowers, veggies and herbs.
I moved my easle out on the deck.
I will finish this painting this summer!!!
In the upper left panel of the lattice this girl built her nest.
The tree's we planted last year after
the big apple tree falling
over are doing great, and so are all the plants
underneath I had to move around and replant
There are vegetables & herbs in the
fenced in area, they just are
little and gotta grow!
This little family is living on the
house on top of my garden
 arbor.  I want to stain it again and am
patiently waiting for them to move out!
"Wait me to me too!"
We have lots of gold fish in the pond...
 they had babies, but I love the fat body
gold fish.  I got a few little guys to
 sit in a bowl on the deck

I went to the barn a lot on my vacation.
Hottie got her first bath of the year.  I installed
a new stall guard for her. ~ the plaid thing...
So the door can stay open and
miss nosey can look around.
I got my horse tack box and her brushes
all clean and sanitized.
I also worked on pottery
It was a wonderful week for me!


  1. All that you have done is just lovely. And to have the birds raising families on your plot makes it even better. It seems you DID have a wonderful week!

  2. A perfect week! Oh how I wish you lived right next door. What fun we could have together!

  3. what a beautiful garden you have! LOVE the robin in her nest! I adore robins :) (from the thrush family), and your horse is gorgeous! and so is your horse painting - all so beautiful! so much to enjoy xx