Monday, July 28, 2014

Farewell My Gwennie Bee

21 August 2010 I brought Guenevere
 home from the rabbit shelter. 
Someone tossed her outside
 thinking oh she looks like the
rabbits outside she'll be fine.  
When the director of the shelter
 told me that she had been found outside,
 pregnant and had been
 at the shelter for 4 years
 I decided she was due for a home. 
I changed her name to Gwennie
 and later Gwennie Bee.
This is her on the day I brought her home.
and this became our nightly routine...
Gwennie went to the vet last
 Wed. for GI stasis.  She got
3 different meds and I thought
no biggie she'll snap out of it.
  When she didn't I ran her back to the
vet on Sunday.  I had a feeling
 it might be cancer.
After an x-ray I discovered I was right.
She had a tumor over her heart
 and so I had to put her down so she
would not suffer.  The heart problem
 triggered the stasis. 
She never was my first female rabbit
 and she never liked
any other animals.  She really
 only warmed up to me.
So here are some pics of
 her life with me.




somewhat blurry pic of her
 in the herb garden this spring


I created a new flower bed in her honor.
She is buried beneath the red hibbicus by
the bunny statue.

Someone once tossed her aside, I found her,

and loved her and am so glad I chose her.



  1. I'm so sorry to hear this, Natascha. Gwennie was a beautiful girl, and lucky to have found a loving home with you. Hugs, and nose bonks from J and BC.

  2. Ya know sweets...these precious creatures somehow find us. It's heart wrenching when they decide to leave us, but at the same time, the amount of love they give is the most wonderful of all. She was blessed to have you and you blessed to have her. Life is so short with these magnificent creatures. Hugs for your heart.