Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Introducing Hazel baby..

Would like to introduce you to 11 wk. old Hazel. 
So I felt like my Boo (his nickname) was sad
with the loss of Gwennie
All he did was hang out in her cage...
Even when I would force to  him downstairs, he
would hop back upstairs to his comfort zone.
So I looked at rescues for a
female Flemish giant and
 there were none to be found.
Benny is different from any other
 bun I've ever had. He's just very timid of 
everything.  It's just his personality.
  I didn't want a dominant female that
was set in her ways.  So I was thinking a
baby female Flemish Giant
might be easiest for the bonding process.
Giants are known for their gentleness.
This is the view from the top of her cage when they first met
Time will tell if I made the right choice. She has odd coloring,
brown and charcoal grey.  She came from 2 all white, pink eyed
parents.  Weird eh?
She's a smart little girl and has already learned her name
and will come when I call her. She's sweet
and affectionate with bunny licks.
She wants to bond with him, but
I have to say Benny has surprised me
and is showing that he's being territorial.
Which scares me due to his size, compared to hers.
I'm a nervous Nelly about the whole bonding thing.
I've had some serious bunny fighting injuries
in the past with other buns and don't
want to see it repeated. 
Just when I think "oh this will be a piece of cake," Benny shows
some displeasure and I have to swoop Hazel up.
Argh! Stressfull!   Wish I could just load them up,
drop them off to a professional bonder, and let them handle it
in an different location where they don't feel is
their territory and be done with it.
I'm going out of my way to make sure Ben knows he's the
top boy.  With cooler temps he got to go out in my
veggie garden for a change of scenery.
Hazel is all potty trained and yesterday was her first
day of being allowed out of her house all day
while I went to work. She will be spayed when she is old enough.
  She is in my art room, while
Benny has free reign of the house.  Like I said though
he just spends his day in his comfort zone, the bunny bedroom.

Fingers crossed on the whole bonding thing...

Any tips or input from you would be greatly
welcomed and appreciated!


  1. Such sweethearts. :)

    Benny will probably be happier once she's been spayed and her hormones settle down. Fixed rabbits and non-fixed rabbits tend to give each other the stink eye.

    Flemish have always reminded me of certain Scots.. Nice, friendly, loving, but stubborn as rocks. :)

  2. I know it will all work out and everybunny will live happily ever after. :)