Friday, August 29, 2014

Santa Progress

Just a bit of explanation of how
I put the bodies together.
So I made myself a little graph
that you see lying below the bodies.
  This way they will be accurately
proportioned.  The body is usually
8 heads tall.  This is how
I figure out his height and arm length.  
 Then the body parts are wired together
and then held in place with
duct tape. So it sort of
resembles a wire skeleton.
Then a rock is taped into the torso.
This gives the doll some
weight and substance.
Next batting is wrapped
around all the wire
body parts.
Once it's adequately quilted
You wrap the body with these
sticky bandage material, found in
all drug stores.
Then wa~la!  you have
a little bandage body
with pose able arms and legs
One of them has a longer neck, but I think
it'll be well hidden, by a nice white beard.
Next on to the sheep's wool beard, hair
and attaching eye lashes!

Am I hearing jingle bells

around the corner??

Yikes!  I hope the clothing won't be too difficult.

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