Thursday, September 4, 2014

Garden Markers

Just a quick post...
Recently I experimented with
little garden markers
that could be just stuck in
 pots or flower beds. 
I wanted a simple little gift
that would add a little spark
 to flowers or a plant.
This is my first  batch.
This is one of my favorites and I will have
to make one for myself to stick
in with my cone flowers.

These gave me another
idea that I'm going to
try out and which may
 be a future post.
Been busy trying to get art stuff done,
starting to clean the garden
beds up for fall and
trying to bond bunnies
after working
out at the military base all day.
Last weekend I had my
 niece for the day while
her parents were moving....
Braiding Hottie was way more fun that watching
grown ups move boxes!
She started 1st grade this week...
I will make her into a little
horse girl if it kills me! hee hee

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