Monday, October 6, 2014

Best Garage Sale Find

I just completed this project.  I was
so tickled to find this at a garage sale.
Actually I was jumping for joy.  Have you
ever imagined just what you wanted??
and then found it at a deal! Nothing
makes me happier! 
Well I wanted to build a small cold frame
on the south side of the house
 for bunny greens, that
could grow without heating well
 into the colder months. 

So imagine my surprise when I saw
this sitting out at a yard sale.  I rushed over.
 The seller couldn't be talked down,
 so $30 it was.  Which actually was a deal,
 and it was all built! Not to mention
how much I love the quirkiness
of it being built from many old
house pieces.
Many panes of glass were missing
 and both ends were open.
Several coats of paint later, this
 is my little cold frame.
I replaced missing glass with
 plexi-glass. The front end uses
 one big piece of plexi-glass
that can be slid open to allow
 some air circulation and is held
in place with little clips.
I glued and repair the missing parts
on the  roof line- with wood pieces.
Just to add to it's cute, goofiness. I also
 caulked all the old and new windows.
And what Bunny veggie
 house would be complete
without a little plaster bunny
 I poured in one of
my candy molds. 
I'm eager to see how long the
 greens will grow in it this winter.
The brick wall and the chimney
 help to shield the winter winds.
I love a good find!

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