Thursday, October 30, 2014

Giant Goal Accomplished!!

  Ever have one of those goals you've
 been meaning to get to one day
and it gets put on the back burner??
Well this is one of mine~
Even with accessories to go with them.
The sleds I picked up years ago
at a garage sale along with various toys
that I used in the bags.
The sleds were unfinished and I painted them
in layers of different reds to age them.
I kept collecting stuff here and there with the idea
that one day it would all fit together. 
The bags I sewed and added accents to make
the bags worthy of Santa's
 magical toy bag, plus a little
Christmas tree
 No molds were used and everything
was hand molded and carved
with polymer clay. 
I ordered the eye's on-line.
They are glass so they could be
baked in the oven with the
clay.  I like how realistic they are. 
Both coats were hand sewn with
trim and accents to make
them look special and sparkle.
They each stand 2 ft tall.
 Looking at this Santa, I think he needs
a pipe.  Maybe the next one
I make will have a pipe and
some glasses.
I have always loved the fantasy of
of Santa living at the North Pole. 
And these Santa's are just a
way to express the
magic of Christmas.
A lovely decoration that
can be put out every year. 
I am so  excited
that I completed
not one of these but TWO.
And so thrilled I did it
with time to spare....
It's still Oct!
I cannot wait to
surprise my Mom and Sister
with them Christmas morning.
I  can't remember the
last time I was this
excited to give a gift!
for this reason I cannot
wait for Christmas because
I don't think they have a clue!


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  1. Oh my gosh!!! Your mom and sister are soooooooooo totally going to love them! You are so very talented my friend.