Thursday, December 11, 2014

Christmas at my house

It's been a bit since my last post,
I know. I've been making gifts
and decorating and shopping
so here is a longer unfiltered
tour around my house. 
I fill my planters with evergreen,
pine cones and sticks
that I gather myself
The berries are fake and
 I reuse year after year.
wheel barrel out front
I don't go crazy with lights.
  Just a little to warm
the entrance and candles
 in the windows.
  I prefer lights in the house
where I can enjoy them.

This year I put the tree
in the spot Murphy's
cage usually sits
it an effort to have
more walking space
and help avoid the dogs tail
knocking off less ornaments
I know the cages give
the appearance of a
humane society look, but
I don't care....
in my house my animals live
among us as part
of the family
One of my pet peeves is when people
move their cages to another
room so it looks better or
when they tire of the animals.

Nope, here we trip over
animal beds, toys or the critters
themselves when they run under our feet.
I put together this lantern
quickly this year from a lantern I hang
outside in the summer.
I stuck a corded night light under an
upside down candleholder inside,
added some greenery,
that now has
now worries of getting
 hot and I have a cozy
 little lantern light
Then another 10 minute fix...
I made this little table
runner from
2 place mats, ribbon &
fusible iron on webbing.
Works perfect for me.
Finn posing as a speed bump
on the stairs. 
Kitchen window sill with
my metal Santa molds
Murphy licking the spoon...
I got to put out the Santa plaque I
made this summer for the first time.
The fluorescent plant light
is for my orchids and I couldn't
take it down as they are doing so well. 
I have one plant that has 2 baby orchids
growing on a stalk.... I've never had that.
We are glad you stopped my
to see us and hope your
Christmas season is
going wonderfully!


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