Friday, May 29, 2015

Growing Happiness

After a long winter in Michigan
 there is nothing better to me
 than things turning green and getting
a chance to grow.  I love planting
pretty plants. The last
month has been spent fixing, repairing,
making, painting and planting
after winters wear and tear.
Our privacy screens were destroyed
in the winter so we put together
new ones out of the
plastic lattice material
so they won't need staining
every year.
View from the back side...
I'm really happy with the final
result and when the
vines I planted grow up it,
 I will love it even better.
The plantings around the deck have grown up
so nicely, and this is only early summer. 
I love how private it makes the deck as we have
close neighbors on all sides.
my fun little parrot lights
I set up old spare cages on the deck
so my birds can go outside and enjoy
the day while I work in the yard.
Veggies are all planted 
Since I now have the big  pots out
 front I moved my wheel barrel
in to the garden and filled it
 with annual herbs
and spare lettuce plants
that did not fit
 in my lettuce planters. 
Lots of lettuce and parsley for
big bunnies to munch on.
I repaired my garden gate
and repainted the green fencing.
My greenhouse my  most favorite
thing I ever
bought myself
with a bonus I got at work.
We had a leak in our pond and it took several
tries to fix.  I'll post pics of it later
when it's all set.
I love lupin
Bunnies everywhere....
can you tell they are
my favorite???
These huge pots are about 3' across
and I got last year marked
down 75% off.  They should fill
out nicely. 
I take great joy in planting and taking
pictures of what I planted growing
bigger.  I hope you enjoy them too!

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