Friday, February 10, 2017

A Spontaneous Surprise

I never really told the story of how I came upon Henley
so I thought I would share...

At the end of March 2016 I was
out getting some supplies,
when  I just took a peek  into a pet store. 
A little lion head mix bun was there. 
 I was told it was a male and this man
 had bought it for his kids and returned it.
 Most likely the typical Easter mistake!
 I notice how sweet the bun was
 it was and how it wanted to be petted
and did not run from me in the cage.

I am not an advocate of pet store shopping
and prefer rescues but I just couldn't
get this bun out of my head.
I kept thinking what a waste that someone
bought him and returned him and now he's
stuffed in this tiny cage.  Argh! So we later returned and my
husband bought him for me for my birthday.
They said the man returned him because
he was a male and they didn't want him
to mark his territory in the house.  Obviously the
previous owner did not do his research on
neutering but whatever.
I took their word for it that it was a male.
This bun was shy and skiddish
and I wanted to earn it's trust so I took
the baby home and tried to not
do the things it didn't like.  Like being picked up. 
I made an appointment to neutering. 
I didn't want my Giant buns to
smell him and start marking territory.  
The vet called me right before surgery to
say he was a she!  and they spayed her.

So Henley has made great progress.

I find it ironic that they said she was returned because they
didn't want "him" to mark territory in the house because
it was a male and She has the best potty habits
of any rabbit I have ever had.  She has never peed
or pooped outside the litter box!  Ever!  Bun's sometimes
leave little poops.  Not her.

Her only downfall is she took it upon herself to
use the cat litter boxes, and she is a digger

and will leave a nice mess like this
I have put a cover on to remedy this.

I have worked with her and she doesn't mind being picked up
as much.  She will let out a little grunt occasionally.

At times now she can have a bossy attitude with the cats.

we cuddle each night in bed

she knows her name and will sometimes
now come when I call her

She has been a little chewer...

She lives cage free all day now and just spends
nights in her kennel pen.

Henley and Finnegan hang out together a lot.

So even though Miss Henley was a spontaneous
addition to the family
I think it all worked out pretty well for everyone!

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