Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Bunnies & Nests

I have been busy.....working on Artwork which I will share in
future posts.  I redid my Blog header
and background - Did you notice? I am
working with my horse and training goals I have with her.
I made some spring nests to use in my Easter decorations
and I laid them on the floor to take a picture of them

Hazel hopped over to snoop and nibble on them.
I thought, ohhh that would make a
cute Easter big buns and the spring nests

Hazel is such a good girl and give her
treats and she'll sit there

Benny or Boo as I call him is another story.
He takes the treat and hops away to eat at a safe
location where no one can get it from him.
He has always been an extremely timid guy. 
He doesn't like anything
out of his comfort zone. I find now that
he is older the slightest thing will
scare him and he flattens himself like
a pancake or runs into his cage for safety so I don't push him.
He is 6 yrs. old  which I am told is very old for a giant.

He was not cooperating.  He wouldn't scoot
over in front of the backdrop!

This was the best I could get of them together

and for fun with a filter

Hazel was more cooperative

She is just the sweetest big girl
and sat there.

So I gave up.  Then Finn had to come in
and be nosy and I got these
beautiful shots with my cell phone

I love this one!
He's so beautiful!

So even with Boo being uncooperative
I did end up with a few great pics!

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