Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Summer Garage Fix up!

This summer my husband took
his small car out of the garage.
I thought this would be the perfect time to get
it cleaned up, organized and give
me some storage so my ceramic
pieces would have less chances of being 
broken.  I wish I had a before pic, 
because it was really bad, but my husband surprised
me, painting the walls while I
was away on a girls weekend.  He didn't take a
before pic. The walls were
unfinished drywall.   There was no shelving and stuff
was just stacked all over the place.  It didn't
help that I had made the
2 car garage smaller with a closet
addition a few years ago.

I am a Pinterest fan... so I found 
inspiration for these shelves on there.
I love organization....so the thought
of nice shelving is really great to me.

We built these together and it worked out great.

Then I had this old beat up table
someone gave me that I always meant to
get to, but hadn't for 15 yrs...

it was in pretty bad shape, so anything 
would be an improvement.

Now a pretty red table 
being used.  I put up old
salvaged closet shelves to hold
my pottery to be fired.

Why have it be ugly?  I painted old frames
all white and put in them
artistic inspirational quotes
that I also got on pinterest.
Made a pretty wreath for the door.

and such a big storage improvement!

I am thrilled

My husband got me this beautiful
cart to use with my 
pottery stuff.

I salvaged and painted an old drawer to hold my kiln
shelves in under the red table.

Glad to have is all done.

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