Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Farewell for now my dear Finnegan...

Sunday we put down my big beautiful boy- Finnegan.
I did an earlier post on how I discovered
this summer he had heart disease.  His heart was becoming enlarged and thus not pumping blood correctly.  Saturday I told my husband that I thought it was maybe time to put him down.  I could see how hard his body was working to breathe.  You could literally see the sides of his body working so hard to breathe.   I could also tell he wasn't feeling well, wasn't being social and was hiding in the closet.  Then Sunday morning when my husband went to give him his medications he noticed his entire chest was soaked & wet from him drooling all over himself.
So we made the decision to not allow him to suffer.  
Even though I knew it was coming it still did not make it easier.  I think the fact that he was  only 4 yrs. old and such a beautiful cat full of so much personality just makes it seem like such a waste of such a wonderful life. 
I try to focus on memories of him that make me smile. 
 I know for a fact that he is in Heaven and that although
his life here was short, I will see him again in Heaven.
My younger brother is in Heaven and when he died he
communicated with me after his death through dreams.
These were not normal dreams, but visitations.
It doesn't matter to me if you believe me, for
I know with every fiber of my being that it is a real
thing. I have always been spiritual and able to sense
things even as a child.  Maybe that is why he came
to me to relay messages that other people
had asked in their prayers. I think I was just a bit more receptive.
 He relayed to me many things, but for this post
I will focus on the one concerning our pets.
In one of the dreams he came
to me to relay a message to my mother.
He came  to show me that my mom's
Dog- Early was with him.  I saw Early happily
playing with a ball and was assured that our
pets also go to heaven.  I saw that they become
a high definition version of what they were here.
So intense and full of life they exude color and brightness.
So I know my Finn is with all my other
departed animals in super HD.
So for now I will comfort myself with
thoughts of him being well cared
for until we are reunited.
I will focus on things that comfort me.

I will send prayers of Love to
my Loved one's in Heaven.  Meaning people
and animals.   I believe....maybe I
read it somewhere along the way
but I do believe that we can send prayers
to God and ask him to let us talk to our
loved one through prayers.  I think it is
important for our loved
ones to know they are missed and loved.
I believe this helps them
and I do it often.  I also
believe it helps those that
have just arrived to adjust
to their new transition.
I  believe my calling is to love
and care for animals and
give them the best possible
life I can here on earth.  I am
so very grateful and feel
blessed that I had my Finn
for the time I did.

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