Wednesday, January 3, 2018

New Creations

I was off work the week between Christmas and New Years.
Last year I didn't take it and I was so annoyed to be working
 when so many people were off.  I planned & took it this Christmas.
I was verry productive.  I will share a few off my new creations
 and more in a future post.  I finished this painting of Benny-
or Boo Boo as I call him now. 
His mate Hazel will be a future painting in the same pose.   
What do ya think? 
I was able to throw a few pots on my pottery wheel
and add decorations
I just added this bunny impulsively
 and love how it came out.
This was a gift for my horse trainer. 
The 3 horses depicted are her horses on her farm.
This sunflower bee plaque was a gift
for a dear old friend of mine that
is a bee keeper now.  She sent
me raw honey from her hives and it
is to die for.  Such a much better taste
than store bought.
This is a close up on the wiring I create on her plaque
and a close up of the detail on the bee.
I also created custom horse ornaments
painted to resemble the horse, with
their name inscribed in the clay.
I used feathers for the tails.
If you'd like to order one- Message me.

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