Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Benny Boy is on Exhibit

I wanted to share that
Benny is on exhibit until 23 Feb 18.
We didn't win a prize but
it is cool to me
to have a painting hanging
in a public gallery. 
 I need to get started painting Hazel that
I have sketched out on the canvas.
This pair will hang together
in matching frames.
There are so many times that I
question my art abilities.  My
inner critic can be harsh.
I keep plugging away and
creating.  I just have this
yearning desire to make things.
I just cannot imagine not pushing
myself on to my next project.
I do wish I knew more artists
friends.  That we could sit and chat.
Share stories about what we do.
How we do it, and what we think. 
So if any of you would like to do
something like that
message me. Maybe we could
make it into something. 
A joint Artist Blog Chat...
What do you think?

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