Thursday, April 19, 2018

Happy Birthday Hottie!

I really wanted to celebrate my girl Hottie's
20th Birthday!  It's a big deal to me.  First off on
6 April I turned 50 and then on 18 April Hottie
turned 20!  I'm just so grateful to have her.
She is a lifelong dream fulfilled for me.
Since my earliest memory I wanted a horse.
I was a Military brat that moved
every 3-5 yrs. I couldn't have a horse of
my own.  15 1/2 yrs. ago my dream
came true!  In those 15+ years the two of us
have done so much together.
We have been together through
so many life changes.  I worked
extra jobs and cut many things out
of my life to make sure I always
had her and she had everything
she needed.
She has literally changed my life and
what I devote my time to.
So much so that when I took a recent trip
(I'll do a post on that later)
I made sure I wrote out a letter
on who I wanted her to go to if
my plane crashed & I died.  I
added my step son to my bank account
so that he could pay her board
for her.  It's a huge cost that
you really need to plan for. There
are so many horror stories out there
about animals.  I don't want my
babies to ever be one of them.
Miss Hot had no idea what her nutty
Mama was up to but she played along
and wore her party hat nicely!
 What a precious baby she was. Her  horse mama is still alive
at the ripe old age of 33!
 I am praying that I will have Hottie for her
whole life. By that I mean that I will
out live her.  I would never ever get rid of her
  She is my "heart" horse.
There is an undeniable bond between
us.  I can sense what she is thinking.
I am so very thankful to be Blessed
with my pretty girl!
Happy Birthday Hottie!

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