Thursday, April 5, 2018

Out of the kiln....

Sharing a few new pieces that just got fired.
My radish bowl is my favorite in this bunch.
I love how the colors came out in this one.
This one I wasn't so thrilled with.
I was hoping for a bluer bowl
and purpler flower.  If those are words
I will re-glaze this one and see what happens...
this one I was expecting more of a greener
tone to the bowl and less orange brown
Here are a few of my ceramic bunny ornaments
I was happy with them and think I will keep them
these colors.  I have more that came out too
light that I will reglaze.
I love this green glaze.  I could use it
over and over.  I made this little pot
to hold my sponges in my kitchen.
Fits perfect on the corner of my sink
nice and neat.
I wonder if anyone would also
like these?

I am taking next week off from posting
on my blog.  I'm going to be
getting away and celebrating
being 50 years old !
I know they say age
is just a number but that
is a big freaking number so
I am gonna embrace and celebrate it!
Seriously I can't believe I'm that
number!  I didn't think I'd be
alive this long and am super
ecstatic that I'm still here!

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