Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Henley's Progress

Henley has been 2 yrs.
 with us and I thought
I would share some of
her progress...

She is different from the big buns and not as out going.
She is more timid, but we have made progress.
In case you wonder why there are more
big bun pictures, well they are in
your face - ALL the time! Looking for food!
Henley is more reclusive.
Every night we watch TV in bed and cuddle.

Although she doesn't have another bun, she does
have Taz and previously was closer to
Finn before he passed.  I just don't have the
room to try bonding two rabbits downstairs
so she will most likely never have a bonded buddy.

She has investigated the big buns upstairs.
 She comes out more often
because I think she is more comfortable.

She's a pretty good girl- with just a
few chewing escapades and is out
all day in my bedroom, bathroom
and walk in closet.  She seems
 to enjoy her freedom.
 When I got her she was
in a tiny little cage.
Smaller than the cage my
 guinea pig has at night
and was not litter trained.

Her favorite spot is behind my bed.

 She has learned at night that she has go in her kennel
area. I tell her to go in her house and
and shine the flash light on my phone at
her.  That's her cue to go in her house
and she hops in her little cage area.
I didn't want to chase her or force pick her up
because she is very
afraid of being picked up.

She has her own bunny litter box
but decided herself to use the cat litter boxes.
She went through a phase where
she dug in the cat boxes.  I really did not
appreciate cleaning up the mess!
I tried not to get too mad since
she has always been so
good at using the litter box!
Pick your battles right?
She's had no mistakes or leaving little markings.
Perfect Bun potty habits!

I try to only pick her up
when I need to and I never just pick her up
immediately.  I pet her and talk to her for
a few minutes.  She seems more relaxed.
She doesn't "Love" it but she
doesn't freeze and get all
stiff and tense anymore.

She also doesn't run from me, and
will come over on occasion
on her own for pets.
She does give kisses or licks to me.

She's an example of how
a bunny can come out of their
shell if given the opportunity
and patience.

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