Thursday, February 22, 2018

Bunny Ornaments

I have been busy making new
Easter Bunny
ornaments to add to my
Etsy shop in time for Easter.
Which falls on 1 April 18.
 Last years example
As a child my German mother always
made an Easter tree for us with spring branches.
Real blown out eggs were painted and hung on the
branches.  I first made bunnies to add to my
Easter tree. Everyone seemed to like them
a lot so I added them again to my Etsy shop.
Look for these in my shop.
  I individually pressed paper clay
into antique metal chocolate molds.
They are created one at a time so each
 item may be shaped slightly different
 or a bit more irregular as the paper clay
I hand paint  each ornament with acrylic paints.
The flashy fluffy tails are added lastly with feathers.
 Which I totally love the
fun tails.  I think they add a bit
of whimsy to the ornaments!
I have a few more paper clay
ornaments to photograph
I am also working on a new type
of ornament which are taking
more time to create so I don't know if they will
be ready before Easter.

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