Thursday, February 15, 2018

Moss & Vines

I am trying to broaden
 my skills with clay.
My goal is to take things
up a few notches and explore
different things with clay.
I have begun sculpting and
carving a very involved piece.
 I want my clay sculptures to be
perceived as a piece of art.
I love woods and forest. 
 It is one of my favorite places to be.
   I feel great peace and tranquility
when I am in the woods.  I want to
express many things I like in
the woods and am planning 
to create a series of pottery art on a
 woodland theme. This bowl
with be first in the
 series and depicts moss and vines
that are often seen in the woods.

I enjoyed working on this
so much that time just
flew by! Here you
can see the bottom of the bowl.
the moss and
 vines go around the bottom.
Then as the clay became a bit
 more firm I flipped it over
and began sculpting the inside.
I chose wild morning glories
as my flower for this piece.
I wanted something wild and viny. 
It's kind of odd that I picked this
flower because they are a 
menace to me in my vegetable garden.
The are impossible to kill and they
 basically will keep
 growing and climbing no matter how
many times you try to pull them up. 
Their roots run deep. If I think of them
in that light you almost have to admire
their tenacity. It is something
I admire. I like the
whole theme of being wild and
 unstoppable and felt this
was a good vision for my piece.
Here you can see how much time
 and detail went into each flower. moss grows on rocks
I added a dragonfly which is
 also a favorite of mine.
Once done I could see how you
can't see the bottom detail as it sits on a flat
surface.  So this will be displayed in a stand.
This will take me an insane amount of time
to glaze.  I also have future plans
for a sculpted statue
that will go with this piece! 



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