Friday, March 10, 2017

My Easter Decorations

There was a time I didn't decorate for Easter...
What was I thinking?
A time to display Bunny Stuff all over the house!

I decorate my Easter tree with real eggs that I
have blown the yolks out through a small
hole that I poke at the top and bottom.  
The ribbons hide the small hole.  This is
a German custom I grew up with.
I then also made these bunny ornaments. 
I created a paper pulp with old paper
that I mixed in the blender.  You can find
different recipes on Pinterest
I then poured the pulp  it into metal
chocolate molds that I collect.
I painted and decorate the tails
with fluffy feathers to add some flair.
This lovely bunny was a find in
a small out of the way gift shop
my husband got me on a weekend getaway.
I love the little basket he carries on
his back. 
A little spring display on the coffee table.
The bunnies a gift from
my step son Cameron. 

I love cloches!  I put one of the
nests under it.  The big eggs
I made out of Paper Mache.
This pretty little glass house was a gift
from Cameron too.
The Easter door wreath I made.
Again these bunnies I made using one side
of a mold similar to the one below.  I used
plaster of paris for these.  They are heavier,
but show more of the mold detail than
the paper mache.  You can also
set wires in the plaster so you are able
to wire them  to a wreath.
My front door as you walk up.
It's still cold here and snowing
out as I type.  I made
a the little purple wreath to
put around my bunny statue
by the door.

Nothing is green or sprouting so cuttings
are still in my dirt filled pots.
I just removed all the berries and pinecones. 
I use evergreen, boxwood
and different greens I trim in my yard. 
I am looking forward to Spring!
and hope you  have a Great Day!



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