Thursday, March 23, 2017

New Painting Progress

My Dad is having health problems with heart and
kidney failure which is stressful and leaves you feeling
sad and helpless.  Art is a great stress escape.
I haven't painted in a while so I thought time to break out the brushes.
   What better subjects that these two big sweeties.

Boo Boo (Benny) & Hazel 

I cherish everyday with Boo as he is 6 yrs old
and I am told the average lifespan for a
Flemish Giant is about 5 yrs.
They truly are gentle giants and I want to capture
them on canvas. This is my progress so far...

you can see the picture I am working from above

The background has been filled in. 
The dark colors are the first layering of fur colors.

Here you can see the red under colors appearing

A few close ups

I'm happy with his progress so far.  Lighter shades
will be added over the darker tones.

My plan is to do another canvas of
Hazel laying in the opposite direction.

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