Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Where it all began...

I wanted to share my very first paintings.
  My Dad was in the US Military so we traveled and
 moved through out my childhood between the US and Europe.
  We lived in Zwiebrucken Germany
 from 1977-1981.  It was a lovely place.  Kreutzberg Kaserne
was an Army base situated at the top of a big hill above Zwiebrucken.
It no longer exists.
I found this picture online.
The DYA was a Defendant Youth Activity which
was for the children of the soldiers.  They had
activities for kids.  Different sports teams, classes, dances
& field trips.  So it was here I took my
first oil painting class in the 3rd grade.
This was my very first painting.
I always colored and drew but never painted
before this.
 My mom was thrilled and had them framed
My 3rd grade signature
I bet the lady who gave the class
who was most likely a Military
Wife that gave the class to earn
a few extra dollars had no idea
that by doing so she would open
such a significant door in my life.
I now cannot imagine not
making Art! 
They hang in my studio as a memory
of when making Art truly began for me and of one of my
most favorite places that I ever lived.
~Another view from the opposite side~
 I was happy to find these pictures
online.   The Elementary school is to the left of the DYA.
I wish you a Wonderful Weekend
where you can make
great Memories!

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