Thursday, March 30, 2017

Working on my horse goals

Just wanted to share my progress on some
of my horse goals I have been working on. Not
the best pic's but you get the idea. 
Thankfully I have a small  indoor riding arena
at the barn where I board Hottie.  This really
helps out on Michigan rainy or snowing days.
One of Hotties issues is she doesn't like
things next to her.  So this is just
an exercise we are working on so that
she trusts me and does what I ask her to do.
At first she would not go through those
scarey looking things but now we can
with no problem.

Another scarey thing for Hottie
was tarps.  She used to spot them
way off in the distance and
would snort at them from fear.

I worked with her on the ground.  She feels
safe when I am next to her and lead
her over it or drape it over her back.  However with
me on her back she wasn't brave walking
over the tarp.  So we finally were able
to walk over it with me riding her.
Yay! As I pet her and tell her what a good girl she is!
We'll keep at the tarp. 
There are more things I want to be
able to do it.
We have come so far over
the 15 yrs that I've owned her.
She will be 19 yrs. old next month!
I love my horse!

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